Leash Training Your Dog

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Leash Training Your Dog
How to Leash Train Your Dog - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Another command that we teach is, you know, loose leash walking and leash training, have the dog walk with you. And the main thing is is to make the area right around you, the most enjoyable place for the dog.

If you just keep yanking it; we call it the yank and crank, then you just keep yanking it, then you are not really teaching the dog to stay here, you are just teaching the dog every time you get out of this position, you are going to be yanked over here. So that dog does not have a relationship to stay next to you.

So what we do is we do a reward training. We pat our legs and have them come up. Do a lot of eye contact with them and reward them when they are in their proper position. And we do that slowly; one step they are in a heel 'follow me' position; two steps...three steps.

And then you can go where you are doing yards and distance in blocks and then you go from blocks to however long your walk and that is how you start with the dog walking beside you.
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